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Ellie was lying on the floor in front of her designated seat, her hand on her chest and her eyes wide open and lifeless. She was pale but still looked strong and in control. Checking her right wrist for a pulse, her most loyal friend, who accepted her no matter what knew she had most likely had a heart attack.

Just as he turned his head to scream for help, his gaze stopped at the lit television screen where the words appeared . . .

“Ellie Peak has won her fourth term as a United States Senator!”

About the Book:

What happens when your mother strictly controls your life, and then she dies?

Ellie Peak, an American Senator, wife, and mother of five, seemed like a successful and career-oriented lady of substance who lived by her rulebook. But the reality was quite the opposite. The moment Ellie breathed her last, the downfall of her family began. This book is an amalgamation of unfortunate events following Ellie’s death. It brings her five children and her husband under the microscope as they experience adversities after Ellie is no longer leading the family.

Ellie, who seemed to be a perfect mother and wife, was a narcissistic lady who gave more importance to her reputation than her family. Even though she tried to keep her family together, everyone would go their own way. The story voices broken relationships, bad decisions, and lack of real love ruin the lives of six people and the people around them.

Read this thrilling, page-turning, and captivating story by Kyle Washington to discover how The Peak family all make the wrong decisions, which makes their lives take a turn for the worse.

Readers describe Empty Calories as a thriller, page-turner, exhilarating, and breathtaking. You will never have so much fun cheering for bad people!

Empty Calories will leave a strong impression on you as you examine the importance of relationships and how making the wrong choices can leave an endless imprint on the lives of those around you. It examines a family whose lives have been shaped by their high-powered politician mother. After the death of the demanding United States Senator Ellie Peak, the Peak family quickly learn they cannot live without her influence. This story of murder, deceit; embezzlement; love, physical, mental, and substance abuse will leave you mesmerized!

Author Quote:                                                       

We have all had them—relationships that are exciting and feel good at the moment but, in reality, do not bring real value, empower us, or help us be our best selves. We call those relationships “empty calories.”- Kyle Washington

Author Bio:

Kyle Washington is an intuitive writer who scripts ravishing stories that keep his readers wanting more. Page after page, his stories lead to exciting scenarios, and readers can’t put his book down. He is devoted to his family and is an avid reader, versatile writer, and lover of art and literature.

He is originally from Houston, Texas, and is the youngest of 5 children. He raised his daughters as a single father while working as an executive for a major corporation.

He enjoys traveling the world, meeting new people, and asking to hear their stories. Empty Calories is his debut novel and was inspired by the people he has met throughout his life.

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